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How the Energy Save Unit Operates

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What will the ESU work on?
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When installed the ESU monitors the load of your installation and will switch on when energy saving can be made. There is no sign of this change over and you will not be affected by it. The ESU monitors the incoming voltage so if you experience a phase voltage loss or failure it reverts back to mains so your equipment isn't damaged.

If you have an overload situation the unit will revert back to mains and reset once the load has fallen to an acceptable level so as not to damage it.

There is an Ampere Meter on the front of the unit to indicate the load that is being used at any time in save mode and mains mode.


  • ESU/63/1 Single Phase 13kva Rating per phase
  • ESU/100/1 Single Phase 24kva Rating per phase
  • ESU/62/3 3 Phase 13kva Rating per phase
  • ESU/100/3 3 Phase 24kva Rating per phase
  • ESU/200/3 3 Phase 42kva per phase
  • ESU/800/3 3 Phase 160kva per phase
  • ESU/1200/3 3 Phase 220kva per phase
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